Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Immigration

The immigrant issue is a quite sensitive topic now, and it has an impact on lives of people all around the world. There are many reasons that push people to leave their countries, such as health and economic problems, wars, hunger, and many other things that determine the quality of life and even the ability to live. Throughout the history, many Europeans, for example, Spaniards and Portuguese have been searching for new places to live. As a result of these processes, Europeans discovered America and Australia. Many people moved there from Europe, looking for new opportunities in farming, mining, and other areas, discovering new kinds of labor, new lands, and natural resources. English criminals were forced to leave Britain and moved to Australia. For England, it was a chance to build the intercontinental economy.

Many Europeans wanted to leave the old continent because of the Black Death disease, religious power, and poverty. All these things were typical for Europe in the 18th century. These people emigrated, thus solving their problems, and creating much worse problems for the local inhabitants of the new lands. Africans, Australian Aborigines, and Red Indians suffered from Europeans for centuries.

Not only moved Europeans to new places, but they also took their culture and religion, forcing native peoples to accept new rules. The only way out of this situation was assimilation, which remains to be the only mechanism that helps people from the south live in the north, and so on. Another thing that made cultures meet was a trade. For example, the well-known Silk Road connected people from different lands. They could collaborate, even though such collaboration did not always take place based on equality.

The point is that the phenomenon of immigration isn’t a new issue. Today this issue became somewhat more noticeable only because now traveling is easier than ever before. Many political conflicts are the reason why so many people leave their countries. Another cause of immigration is economical differences between different countries. People leave their poor countries and move to Europe or North America, looking for the better economic environment. Such an issue wasn’t noticeable until such a type of immigration became so massive.

General reasons for immigration are valid today, just like many years ago. When somebody is cornered and his or her life is in danger, the only logical way is to run. It’s an integral part of human nature: when you don’t have opportunities to fight, you escape, and this fact doesn’t depend on anyone’s opinion. This feature of human psychology is one of the basic mechanisms that help us survive. The only way to solve the problem of immigration is to find methods to overcome hunger, wars, poverty, social inequality, and climate change.

Of course, such an issue has good and bad sides. For Europe, that is facing problems of immigration more than other continents, this issue may be not only bad. First of all, it’s an aging continent, and new young immigrants can solve many problematic issues, providing necessary labor. The only way for such a good scenario is proper assimilation. Obviously, Europe cannot remain all white for decades. And this statement is applied to any other modern country, no matter how racists and other hate groups react to such a fact. Despite this, massive immigration is a reason why more and more people become racists, xenophobes, supremacists and so on.

The common feature of these groups of people is that they don’t want to think how many good things white civilization took from immigrants. Immigrants form their internal market, thus developing the economy. On the other hand, opponents of immigration claim that immigrants take jobs. In fact, immigrants often take jobs unwanted by Europeans. Most European governments don’t provide enough social guarantees for immigrants, resisting such a flow. Usually, these people can rely only on non-governmental, and informal organizations, as well as on charities.

Any social phenomenon has its good and bad sides. The bad side of immigration is that skilled and well-trained experts leave their home country. Therefore, many countries lack teachers, engineers, doctors, and researchers. They move to countries with better financial climate, and their home countries face only more difficulties, and poverty there grows. Such a phenomenon is a common problem for third-world countries. They spend a lot of money to train good experts who just leave the country. At the same time, some countries that have experienced such a brain drain now develop their economies using money sent by these experts back home. For example, in Kenya, the total amount of foreign currency sent by immigrants surpasses even the income from the most developed industry, which is tourism. Immigration makes this world a better place by teaching people how to live with people of various cultures and traditions. The success of such a process can be guaranteed only through proper law regulation. No one country can be called developed until all disadvantaged, different, and weak people will be protected as good as the majority, since inequality is the main cause of immigration.

We live in hard times when there are many conflicts in the world. Some of the hottest spots in the world are the Middle East and Africa. Some people fight for their rights, others fight for ideas. Terrorism grows all over the world, and one of the most vivid examples of it is Israel, which needs to be supported by western countries. At the same time, the Palestine problem is a controversial issue, and the story of the conflict can be told in completely different ways depending on the speaker. In Somali, the terroristic regime “Al Shabaab” forced many refugees to leave the country and move towards Kenya. Kenya can no longer afford to host so many refugees, so the government now threatens to kick one million refugees out of the country. In Libya, after the Muammar Kaddafi’s regime has been destroyed, it created the lack of powerful political forces, which is the perfect condition for the development of terroristic organizations. In turn, such a situation caused a massive flow of immigrants who moved to Europe. The ISIS terrorists and the civil war in Syria led to the same consequences. As a result of unprecedented immigration, The United Kingdom has left the European Union. This event was called ‘Brexit’.

Many citizens of Great Britain stand against the uncontrolled flow of the Muslim immigrants. Obviously, we have to create conditions in which all the people from all the countries in the world would be able to live at home, with no need to search for better places. However, such an idea looks as beautiful as unrealistic. The UN fights for this goal, but it needs to be supported by its members. We have to be tolerant and understand that the same immigration process can turn in the opposite direction, especially in view of climate change.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Immigration
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