Doctor Coyote Essay

Let us introduce you Dr Coyote – the final character of the Nintendo Switch game Arms. Information about the final update became available on the official blog of the game.

Developers wrote that it’s the last big update for the game. Now the Arms team will start working on game balance, and they promise to do their best. They also presented a trailer for the new character.

Dr Coyote is a character with green hair. It’s somewhat different from other characters, since the trailer represented Dr Coyote in a little spooky way, with creepy music and the atmosphere of a mad scientist’s laboratory. The new character looks cool and really dangerous.

Developers noted that their team will no longer work on the new content, focusing only on balance patches.

The release of this game became a kind of sensation for those who love playing Nintendo. The company surprised its fans once again with a new approach to fighting games. In fact, Arms is a re-tooled, improved, and up-ended version of a well-known Punch-Out! game. All fighters have modified arms that hide many unique tools.
After such an impressive launch, gamers calmed down a little bit, though noting traditionally good perspectives for eSports. Now we are waiting for the debut in Japan, next year.

We must notice the surprisingly good start of the Nintendo Switch, which was released in March. This console is definitely promising, and a “hybrid” construction isn’t its only interesting feature for sure.

Arms Has Finally Got its Last Character
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