A Methodology Section in Dissertations

Any scientific work includes a part where writers specify used methodology. Writing a dissertation, you have to describe all used algorithms, which makes this type of paper different from easier ones, such as essays. Take this task seriously, since your readers must understand your methods in order to get the meaning of the entire work. We suggest not using samples of other writers for this section, since the result may be incorrect. Never write about methods that actually haven’t been used in your particular paper.

How Much Should I Write?

Such a question is somewhat strange, but it’s also quite common. You have to write as much as you can. Just think about all used methods, and describe each one of them, it will be enough. Read more articles and guides on dissertation writing, and maybe you’ll find methods that fit your paper best.

What Should I Write?

First of all, you have to make a list of methods. Each method from this list must be described in detail, and you must explain how you have used it in your work. Your methodology section must help even people who are not familiar with your topic get the deep understanding of how you wrote your paper.

Types of Methodology

Generally, all the methods can be divided into two major groups: empirical methods, and theoretical methods. Usually, you will have to use both these types, so read more information about each one of them, to understand how they work.

Theoretical methods are generalized. It’s a more abstract approach to writing, and it helps systematize facts. This type includes several research techniques, such as logical (general) methods, hypothetical abstraction, formalization, and axiomatic technique. Logical methods include cognitive synthesis, analogy, logical analysis, and deduction.

Empirical methods work better for more concrete things; in particular, it’s used for results of the research. Every phenomenon is described by comparison, observation, experiment, or measurement. Observation combines cognition and activity. This method takes into account basic senses. As a result of observation, you can consider more global features, such as feelings, desires, and relationships. The comparison is focused on common features and differences. It helps express a certain quality of an object as a numerical value. Experiment helps understand some unique features of the object. This algorithm is very useful if you’re writing a dissertation on a certain topic.

Try to determine all your methods before your paper is complete. The best time to do it is when you write an outline. Outlines help many students write their best papers, simplifying such a task significantly.


Law dissertation – methodology:

  • Theoretical: analysis of newspapers and literature;
  • Empirical: polls, interviews, and questionnaires.

The same methods can be used for literary essays.

Tips on Dissertation Writing
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